Project 366 – Post No. 340 – Noise pollution

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Nature walks and birding within the city limits often comes with nose pollution. It is remarkable how far vehicle noise travels even through the densest forest. It is also remarkable how effectively one’s brain filters out the humming noise making you oblivious to its presence. For example, the northern part of the Whitemud Ravine is surrounded by the Whitemud Drive on two of its side and Fox drive on a third side. As a result there is no escape from the humming sound of vehicles. It makes me wonder what effect this noise pollution has on the local fauna, particularly animals that rely on vocal communication such as many birds. We humans often raise our voice to be heard in a noisy environment. Do birds use the same strategy to have their song and calls heard through the forest when there is noise pollution present? I a sure someone must have done research on this?

May the curiosity be with you. This is from “The Birds are Calling” blog ( Copyright Mario Pineda.