Excerpt of John Muir's
Excerpt of John Muir’s “The mountains are calling” letter.

Welcome to The Birds are Calling. This blog is an outlet for my lifelong interest in natural history. I have a particular interest in birds, photography and writing, but I do not consider myself a birder, a photographer or a writer. Rather, I see myself as a naturalist using photography and story-telling to document nature and natural history, in particular birds and bird behavior. Why birds? As it turns out, when you are looking for birds you tend to see everything else that is out there along the way.

Gotta go, the birds are calling, so in the spirit of John Muir, I must go now and I will work on while I can, studying incessantly.

Studying nature in the Nalcahue wetlands (Chile). Yes, we do need to get a birding scope.