Project 366 – Post No. 042 – Eastern Phoebe

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It was not until I saw my first Eastern Phoebe (Sayornis phoebe) that I even knew there was bird with this name. In my “pre-Phoebe” days Phoebe was a synonym for Lisa Kudrow in the sitcom Friends. The Eastern Phoebe is an unassuming small songbird, and if it would not have been hanging out on a fence I would likely have completely missed it. I managed to snap a picture of it before it flew of into the shrubbery. One can clearly see distinct “peaked head” which is due to the bird rising its feathers on top of its head. Based on submitted observations to eBird the Eastern Phoebe is at the eastern margin of its range here in Alberta, with the main part of its distribution being in central and eastern parts of the continent. We saw this bird at the tail end of our central Alberta tour with the Edmonton Nature Club during Global Big Day of Birding on May 4. The phoebe was the first bird we saw as soon as we pulled into the parking lot at Big Knife Provincial Park. It became bird #146 on our life list and #97 on our AB Big Year list.

Nikon P1000, 1100mm @ 35mm, 1/500s, f/5.6, ISO 125
Same picture, just postprocessed and cropped in Lightroom

May the curiosity be with you. This is from “The Birds are Calling” blog ( Copyright Mario Pineda.

2 thoughts on “Project 366 – Post No. 042 – Eastern Phoebe

  1. The fence is very nice isn’t it? Thanks for the suggestions. You are completely right. I have found that when shooting a bird that is a flight risk I start taking pictures with low zoom as I have a better chance of getting a good pictures (but with a small bird in it) and then, if the bird is still there, I start zooming in (the chance of a good image is reduced but I do get a closer picture). This phoebe did not linger and by the time I had zoomed in it was gone with the wind.

    I do postprocessing in Lightroom but have so far not been cropping my pictures. I cropped the phoebe picture and added it to the post. I think the cropped picture is better albeit at he expense of an increase in graininess (which might not even be noticeable if people are looking at it using their cell phones).

    I cannot really upload larger images as I am chomping through my allotted space at concerning my fast. Not sure if is a long term solution for me as the next upgrade in terms of space will be a substantial bump in price. So yeah…, I am learning new things every day about birds, photography and blogging.

    Your advice is much appreciated. Thank you.

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  2. Just a suggestion . . . either zoom in closer or crop tighter when you post-process (you should post-process).

    Or, you can upload a larger file and let readers click and open a larger version.

    Just saying because it’s difficult to make out details of the bird. I mean, I can tell it’s a bird . . . but I can see the fence very well.

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